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Vietnam & the Vietnam War: Then & Now Pictures
NOTE: 🗄️ is linked to the archived article…
• Hà Nội and the Red River Delta Then & Now (Private Facebook Group)
• Huế Then & Now (Private Facebook Group)
• paulblizardinvietnam (Instagram) – WORLD’S LARGEST COLLECTION of Then and Now photos of wartime Saigon
• Quảng Nam Then & Now (Private Facebook Group)
• Saïgon Chợ Lớn Then & Now (Private Facebook Group)
• Việt Nam Then & Now (Flickr)

• 2021/07/26 – Jarring photographs of Vietnam, then and now (Business Insider India) 🗄️
• 2019/04/09 – ‘Then’ and ‘now’ photos of former Saigon prove popular with Vietnam War vets (Stars and Stripes) 🗄️
• 2016.08.16 – Then and now: A touch of French class down Saigon street (VnExpress) 🗄️
• 2016.07.19 – Saigon photo montages blend the old with the new (VnExpress) 🗄️
• 2015/04/30 – Then and Now: Amazing photos show how Vietnam has healed… 40 years after fall of Saigon (Express) 🗄️

Vietnam History & Heritage
• Asia Heritage (Saigoner Articles)
• Friends of Vietnam Heritage (FVH) (Hanoi Based Group)
• Friends of Vietnam Heritage (FVH) (Facebook Page)
• Hanoi Heritage (Saigoner Articles)
• (Tim Doling’s Heritage Portal)
• National Geographic Archive (Subscriber Sign-in)
• Rail Thing – Railways and Tramways of Việt Nam (Private Facebook Group)
• Railways in Vietnam (Info + Images)
• Saigon Heritage (Saigoner Articles)
• Vietnam Heritage (Cultural Heritage Association of Vietnam)
• Vietnam Heritage (Saigoner Articles)
• Vietnam Heritage Magazine (Issuu) – 2014-2019 Issues
• Xưa & Nay (Past & Present Magazine) – In Vietnamese

• 2023.07.17 – White Palace steeped in history of Nguyen dynasty (Vietnam+) 🗄️
• 2021.04.21 – History in your palm with Saigon landmark miniatures (VnExpress) 🗄️
• 2020.03.16 – Palace where Nguyen king was incarcerated for being anti-French (VnExpress) 🗄️
• 2016.08.17 – Saigon of the 1960s: The tale of Lambros (VnExpress) 🗄️
2016.08.16 – Locals haunted by ghosts of Saigon cemetery (VnExpress) 🗄️
• 2016.07.14 – Retro throwback in the ‘waspy waist’ ao dai (VnExpress) 🗄️

Internet Archive
Note: A free account might be needed to read some books & magazines…
Vietnam (Search Results by Relevancy)

• 1973.00.00 – Vietnam Magazine 1973 Issues
• 1961.00.00 – Visit Fascinating Vietnam

US Library of Congress
• 1910.00.00 – Touring Indochine

Interesting Vietnam Documentaries
• 2022.03.23 – A haven from the civil war, Cambodia’s Hotel Le Phnom (Al Jazeera War Hotels Series) – 25:30 Minutes
• 2021.06.23 – Vietnam war journalists’ hub: Caravelle Saigon (Al Jazeera War Hotels Series) – 26 Minutes
• 2019.11.13 – Insane Bikes of Vietnam! | Freedom Riders (TRACKS – Travel Documentaries) 25:47 Minutes

Vietnamese Food
• Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Vietnam | S04 E04 (YouTube) 41:23 Minutes
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown | Vietnam | S08 E01 (YouTube) 43:09 Minutes
• Saigoner (Eat & Drink Page)
• Taste Atlas (Vietnam Page) – Lists & explains popular Vietnamese dishes by region, various food lists, etc.
• Vietnam Online (Food Page)
• VnExpress (Food Articles Page)

Vietnam War Travel
HistoryNet (Vietnam Search Results) – See their Vietnam Magazine on Issuu
Traces of War (Cambodia interactive map of war sites)
Traces of War (Laos interactive map of war sites)
Traces of War (Vietnam interactive map of war sites)
Vietnam War History Travel (Private Facebook Group)
Vietnam War Travel (Discover hidden places from the Vietnam War. Organized by US military unit & base/ops location, etc.)
Where the Wars Were: Journey to Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia (Blog about SE Asia’s old war zones)
Wikivoyage Indochina Wars (Guide Page)

Vietnam War Travel Articles (Non-SEO-Garbage)
Are there any other & non-SEO garbage articles similar to these that could be added here? 😀
• 2019.05.10 – Climbing Hamburger Hill 50 years after the Vietnam War’s brutal, haunting battle (Washington Post) 🗄️
• 2018.01.30 – Hue: what to see 50 years after Vietnam war’s Tet offensive nearly destroyed the historic city (SCMP) 🗄️

Vietnam Travel (Vietnam Based Sites or Search Results From)
Hanoi Tourism Department
Saigoner (Travel Articles Page)
The Saigon Times (Travel Articles Page)
Viet Nam National Authority of Tourism (Official Website)
Vietnam Airlines (In-flight Magazine)
Vietnam Investment Review (Travel Articles Page)
Vietnam Sketch (Japanese Magazine)
Vietnam Times (Travel Articles Page)
Vietnam Tourism Board (Facebook Page) (Travel Guide)
VietnamPlus (Travel Articles Page)
VnExpress (Travel Articles Page)
You in Da Nang

Vietnam Travel (Non-Vietnam Based Sites or Search Results From)
Likely includes SEO garbage content articles written for Google…😀 (Vietnam Guide Page)
Afar (Vietnam Guide Page)
AirAsia play (In-flight Magazine App – Vietnam Article Search Results)
Atlas Obscura (Vietnam Guide Page)
bikemap (Vietnam Guide Page) – Bike map routes!
Business Traveller Asia-Pacific (Vietnam Search Results)
CNN (Vietnam Travel Search Results)
Condé Nast Traveller (Vietnam Search Results) (Vietnam Guide Page)
DestinAsian (Vietnam Search Results)
Expatolife (Vietnam Guide Page)
Fodor’s Travel (Vietnam Guide Page)
Frommer’s (Vietnam Article Search Results) (Vietnam Guide Page)
Issuu (Vietnam Search Results) – Various creative content related to Vietnam e.g. HistoryNet’s Vietnam Magazine issues, etc.
Kayak (Vietnam Guide Page)
Klook (Vietnam Search Results)
Lonely Planet (Vietnam Search Results)
National Geographic (Vietnam Travel Search Results)
Rough Guide (Vietnam Guide Page)
Travel + Leisure (Vietnam Search Results)
Travel Fish (Vietnam Guide Page) (Vietnam Search Results)
Tripadvisor (Vietnam Search Results)
U.S. Department of State (Vietnam International Travel Information)
Wanderlust (Vietnam Guide Page)
Wayfairer (Vietnam Guide Page)
Wikitravel (Vietnam Guide Page)
Wikivoyage (Vietnam Guide Page) – Usually more up-to-date for Asia than Wikitravel

Airlines Based in Vietnam
Also see Skyscanner
Bamboo Airways
Pacific Airlines
VietJet Air
Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Rail Travel Guides (Vietnam Rail Travel Guide)
Seat61 (Vietnam Rail Travel Guide)
Vietnam Railways (Official Site)

Vietnam Travel – The Ugly Side…
• 2022.03.01 – I Visited Vietnam Twice and HATED It – Here’s My Story (Ummi Goes Where)
• 2010.09.17 – Vietnam Travel: Why I’ll Never Return to Vietnam Explained (Nomadic Matt)

YouTube Channels (Vietnam Travel)
Expoza Travel (Vietnam Search Results) – Note: Excellent straight to the point with no B.S. travel videos!
My Vietnam Videos
Vietnam News Agency (Travel & Tourism Playlist)
Vietnam Tourism Board (Official YouTube Channel)

Vietnam Events
• Saigoner Events Page

Expats in Vietnam (Resources)
Craigslist (Vietnam) (Vietnam Page)
Internations (Hanoi)
Internations (HCMC)
Internations (Phnom Penh)
Internations (Vientiane)
Vietnam Times (Expats in Vietnam Page)

Expats in Vietnam Facebook Groups
Ho Chi Minh Expat Group Saigon (Stuff for sale…)

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